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Amazon Prime Day 2023

Today is Amazon Prime Day! If you’re considering buying a new kitchen appliance (or anything!), today is a good day to grab a bargain.

I’ve created this guide to explain Amazon Prime Day, when, and what discounts are available.

Remember, though, as with any purchase; it’s only a deal if you actually wanted it anyway!

Note: Some of the links below are Amazon affiliate links which means if you purchase something after clicking on it, I will get paid a commission by Amazon. This is not any extra payment made by you.

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Between 00.01 am on 11th July and 11.59 pm on 12th July, Prime members can get 48 hours of savings and discounts across all Amazon categories.

Keep checking back during the Prime Day event as new deals are added throughout the time period.

You need an Amazon Prime membership, or you can start a free trial.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals

I’ve curated a list below of the deals that I think are worth it, but only in the kitchen category – you will likely find plenty of deals across the whole of Amazon during this event!

Ninja Kitchen Discounts

You all know how much I love the Ninja products! I already have (or have had) the Ninja 15-in-1 and 9-in-1 multicookers, which I love. I also have a Ninja Dual Air Fryer and Ninja Soup Maker.

I’m very tempted by some of the items on the list below, but need to keep my sensible head on 😉 The ice cream maker or the knives might sway me, though!

Currently, the following are in the Prime Day event:

Other Air Fryer Prime Day Deals

Although Ninja is my favourite air fryer brand, I also like the following in the Prime event.

I have the above three Cosori air fryers and regularly test them. My favourite for a family of 4 or more would be the 6.4L. For smaller households, I would recommend the 3.8L.

You can read my Cosori Air Fryer Reviews Guide here.

I also have the above two air fryers in my test kitchen! I have written a review on the Proscenic T22 that you can read. The T31 air fryer oven review is still being written – but I like the air fryer so far!

Final Thoughts

There are plenty more Prime Day deals to be had, with more being added all the time. Remember you need to be a Prime member to take advantage of the above deals – sign up for a free trial here if any of the above interests you.

And, once again, it’s only a deal if you wanted/needed it anyway!