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Bananas are known for being sweet, delicious, and healthy to eat.

According to Flo, Bananas are the third most popular food in the world, with nearly 150 million tons of bananas grown each year.

The banana tree can grow to an average of 16 feet tall, depending on the type, and each tree can produce between 200 and 300 bananas.

There are many different types of bananas including plantains, which have a higher starch content making them perfect for cooking purposes.

How To Prepare Bananas

sliced bananas

The beauty of bananas is that they are the perfect portable healthy snack.

They are ideal for adding to lunch boxes, popping in your bag, or, eating during an athletic endurance event to keep fuelled up.

Typically bananas are simply peeled and eaten, but they can be sliced up to add to a fruit salad, fruit kebabs, or mashed and used as the main ingredient in banana bread.

Bananas can also be turned into ice cream, roasted whole, or split in half for a banana split.

The banana is a versatile fruit that can be used in many recipes.

When Is The Best Time To Eat A Banana?

When you eat a banana will depend on your tastebuds – some people prefer to eat them when they are green and not ripe, some wait for them to turn yellow, whereas others, prefer them all speckled and overripe.

The riper a banana gets, the sweeter it becomes. However, they’re also less firm and easier to mash.

Bananas that have turned brown can still be eaten, but they may have a stronger taste that some people aren’t used to.

Overripe bananas are useful for banana bread, smoothies or some type of baking recipe.

How To Ripen Bananas

ripe bananas

If you’ve bought a bunch of bananas that are still too green to eat, there are ways to speed up the ripening process.

Start by storing the bananas in a single layer at room temperature after you get home from the supermarket.

Some people suggest that wrapping plastic around green bananas and storing them in a paper bag will also help speed up the ripening process.

However, this is not recommended as the trapped gasses and moisture can lead to fruit rot; we recommend storing bananas in a paper bag. They should ripen up within a day or two.

How To Store Bananas

banana hook

It’s tempting to store bananas in the fruit bowl with other fruits, but be warned, due to the ripening process, bananas emit high levels of ethylene gas.

Ethylene encourages other fruit to spoil which can dramatically shorten their life span.  

Instead, it’s best to keep bananas separate, either hang them on a hook or if they are already ripe, you can store them in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Bananas?

frozen bananas

Bananas are best enjoyed in their natural state, but if you have some that are turning brown it’s possible to freeze them.

You can peel and slice bananas before freezing them, or mash them with a fork so they maintain their consistency when defrosted.

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