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Benefits of Grinding Your Coffee Beans At Home

As an avid coffee drinker, myself, I thoroughly enjoy a daily cup of tasty coffee! I didn’t use the word “fresh” in the above sentence because fresh is a relative term. What is considered fresh to one person, may not be fresh to another. Retailers, nationwide, are falsely promoting that their coffee brands are the freshest on the market, but that’s an overzealous declaration and couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the freshest coffee is ground right before brewing.


A “freshly brewed” cup of coffee is much different than “fresh coffee.” Freshly brewed simply means that the coffee was made that day, and not that the coffee itself is fresh. Did you know that coffee is freshest when it’s still in bean form? It’s true. Beans envelope the vital compounds that are responsible for coffee’s aroma and taste. The moment the beans are ground, they immediately begin to lose their natural oils due to oxidation. This causes the coffee to age quickly (go stale) and is the reason why coffee sometimes have an unpleasant taste. So, in other words, by the time coffee leaves the manufacturer and arrives to the store, it has already lost its quality and is considered old.


Purchasing a cup of coffee, from your favourite café, is probably a regular habit for most coffee drinkers, but sometimes the long wait can be frustrating – and not always convenient. Grinding your own coffee at home will eliminate such an annoyance. At home, there are no lines and no extensive waiting. And the best part is, that you’ll know for sure that you’re truly drinking a fresh cup of coffee.

Cost efficient

The United Kingdom is a large consumer of coffee, which means it’s a lucrative industry. According to the British Coffee Association, we drink 95 million cups of coffee a day.

In a coffee shop, the cost for a cup of coffee can easily range from £2 to nearly £5. Think about how much you spend on coffee on a weekly or even monthly basis, I’m sure the total amount is substantial. Grinding your own coffee beans at home, not only guarantees you the freshest and best tasting coffee, but it will also save you money in the long run.

Ground size

Since you’ll be grinding your own beans, you are in full control of the size of the grind. This is extremely important because grind size impacts the flavour of coffee immensely. When you purchase coffee from a cafe, they don’t ask you what grind size you want. You are generalised and given flat, sometimes, unpleasant-tasting coffee. So, in the case of coffee, size does matter.


The kitchen is a breeding ground for smells and contamination. Have you ever wondered if coffee can be contaminated? Well, yes, it can. Coffee absorbs smells just like anything else, and by putting it in the refrigerator (as suggested by manufacturers) is one of the quickest ways for coffee to become contaminated. Grinding your coffee fresh daily will cut down, if not eliminate, the potential for contamination altogether.

If you’ve never experienced home ground coffee before, then it’s highly likely that you’ve never actually had a real cup of “fresh” coffee. As a suggestion and a way of being cost-efficient, the next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a bag of coffee beans (vs. pre-ground coffee) and try it for yourself.

To help you along your path of freshly home ground coffee, here are a few grinder brands commonly used by consumers: Cuisinart, Proctor Select, Kitchen Aid and Capresso. Or, see our coffee grinder guide for our recommendations.

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