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How To Clean A Pizza Stone

Check out our guide on how to clean a pizza stone to ensure you are looking after and maintaining it well. This will help to keep it germ free and increase its longevity.

How To Clean A Pizza Stone

If you’ve fallen in love with making your own pizza at home, chances are you’ve bought a pizza stone to get the best tasting pizza base and crust.

Whether you are using a pizza stone in an oven, BBQ or a pizza oven, there are a few simple but important steps to follow to keep your pizza stone in tip top condition.

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It’s not hard to clean a pizza stone, but there are a few essential tips to follow first;

Don’t Use Soap

The most important thing to consider is that whatever soap or cleaning substance you use to clean a pizza stone will soak into the porous stone – so don’t use anything that you wouldn’t be happy consuming.

Leave The Pizza Stone To Cool

Once you have cooked using the pizza stone, make sure you leave it to cool down enough. Any sudden temperature changes might cause the stone to crack.

Don’t Submerge It In Water

Don’t ever submerge the pizza stone in water; it will soak it all in, and the stone will remain damp and full of moisture for some time.

How To Clean A Pizza Stone – Step by Step

  1. Leave the pizza stone to cool down.
  2. Using a plastic utensil, preferably a spatula, scrape off any bits of food stuck on the stone.
  3. Using a damp cloth or sponge, gently wipe the pizza stone. You can also use a soft brush to clean away any food debris left on the stone.
  4. To clean more stubborn stains or stuck on food, use a bit of baking powder and water mixed together in a paste. Gently scrub the food or stain with a brush or sponge until it comes off. If stains don’t come off, don’t worry. It won’t be possible to get rid of everything and over time you’ll be adding more to the pizza stone as you use it more and more!
  5. Wipe the pizza stone once more with a damp cloth.
  6. Leave the pizza stone to completely dry off before using again.

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