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How To Stretch Pizza Dough

Have you ever wondered how to stretch pizza dough without breaking it? If you’ve gone to the effort of making your own pizza dough at home, whether you are cooking it in a pizza oven, or a pizza stone in an oven, you want to ensure that the base is rolled out or stretched in a way to give you a deliciously perfect pizza!

Should You Roll Or Stretch Pizza Dough?

This is a question that has been debated over the years. Although rolling the dough produces an even thickness, this can lead to a less tender crust. Rolling out the dough will create more of a chewy texture, while stretching it will give you a more airy and crusty base.

Or, if you’re game, try tossing your dough like traditional Neapolitan pizza makers do, but be prepared to order in some pizza if it goes wrong!

How To Stretch Pizza Dough

1. Room temperature

2. Make sure the dough is well floured before handling

3. Flour or oil your workspace.

4. Divide the dough if necessary

5. Flatten the dough to a flat disc – about 6 inches across and 1 inch thick

6. Grab the pizza dough on each edge and use both hands to stretch the dough, slowly, until it is stretched to the thickness you want

How To Stretch Pizza Dough Without Breaking It

If the pizza dough keeps on breaking when you stretch it, there is a possibility that the dough has either been left too long to proof or it hasn’t been kneaded for long enough.

To make perfect pizza dough, it should have been left until it has doubled in size, no longer.

How To Stop Pizza Dough Sticking To The Worktop

Move it quickly, using a pizza peel if you have one. If need be, add the pizza toppings once you have placed the pizza dough on the peel. You want to go from stretching out the pizza dough to adding the pizza toppings to putting it in to cook as quickly as possible.

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