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Multi Cookers – What Is The Best Multi Cooker In 2020?

Multi cookers have grown in popularity in recent years. Whereas there used to only be a few models to choose from, now there seems to be an endless choice – which can sometimes be quite overwhelming!

With this in mind we have gathered together a roundup of the best multi cookers currently available to buy in the UK.

multi cooker with accessories

Multi Cooker Buying Gudie

What Are The Best Multi Cookers?

Multi cookers are an area of kitchen appliances that is fast growing. We’ve done our best to narrow down our roundup to some of the most popular and well rated models.

If we’ve missed out your favourite, do let us know in the comments.

Ninja Foodi Multi Cookers

If you are looking for a multi cooker that truly does do it all, then the Ninja Foodi is a great option.

This multi cooker features the same benefits as most other multi cookers, but also includes crisping technology which is one area that many other multi cookers don’t offer.

Crisping up meals is the main function that has let down multi cookers for some people. If getting a crispy skin on your chicken or roasted veg is important then make sure you get one that includes this option like the Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker.

You can of course finish off your meal with a few minutes in the oven using other multi cookers but with the Ninja Foodi you don’t need to.

The Ninja Foodi comes in three models that all incorporate the main features of the multi cooker including being able to pressure cook, air crisp, slow cook, steam, bake, saute and roast. But there is a slight difference in size and price between the three models;


Ninja Foodi - Regular Model

Designed to be a pressure cooker with extra crisping technology. This is a medium sized multi cooker with a 6 litre cooking pot and a 3.6 litre crisping basket.

Ninja Foodi Max

The Foodi Max has all of the same features as the Foodi, but in addition you have access to a dehydrator and yogurt making function. Perfect for batch cooking healthy snacks.

This is a larger multi cooker with a 7.4 litre cooking pot and a 4.7 litre crisping basket.

Ninja Foodi Mini

Similar to the original Foodi but with a more compact cooking area that is perfect for those living alone or as a couple.

You can still cook in all 6 ways but the size of the cooking pot is a compact 4.7 litres, and instead of a crisping basket, it comes with a crisping plate.

This is a multi cooker range that offers a whole host of features and programs so let’s take a look at the main features.

Just be aware that some features might only be available on the Foodi Max model.

Three different sized cooking pots to choose from so you can pick the perfect size for you and your family.

Ninja Foodi Features

Instant Pot - 7 in 1

The Instant Pot is an old favourite among multi cooker users. This was one of the originals to hit our kitchens and started the trend of multi cookers.

This is the multi cooker that revolutionised how many of us choose to cook.

This is a 7 in one multi cooker that offers you a multitude of settings and features. You can pressure cook, saute, slow cook, cook rice, steam, warm and even make yoghurt.

This particular model doesn’t offer the air frying and crisping options, but Instant Pot do now have the Instant Pot Duo Crisp and Air Fryer which is a great upgrade to an already amazing multi cooker.

Instant Pot Features (7 in 1)

Pressure King Pro

When it comes to built in features the Pressure King Pro by Drew & Cole is a pressure cooker which boasts 20 features in one pot.

This is a family sized multi cooker that has a whole host of cooking options, programs and features. 

If you are looking for a similar design and functionality but don’t quite need the full range of features then this also comes in two other models in addition to the main 20 in one pressure cooker option.

12 in 1 Pressure King Pro

8 in 1 Pressure King Pro

20 in 1 Pressure King Pro

For ease, we have focused mainly on the 20 in 1 multi cooker – if you are looking to buy one of the smaller models  check it has the features most important to you.

If you think that Pressure King Pro might be the model for you, I have a more detailed buying guide here.

  • 12 built in programs to choose from. Cooking couldn’t get any easier. Simply add your ingredients, pick your preset program and go.
  • Built in timer to time your meal to perfection. The delay timer works for up to 24 hours so plenty of time to prep and plan your meal.
  • This cooker comes with a warming mode to keep meals warm until you are ready for them.
  • One of the major benefits of this multi-cooker is the fast reheat option so you can reheat any leftovers fast and conveniently.
  • Faster cooking time, for example a stew can be cooked in just 20 minutes.
  • Up to 20 easy to use settings to cook including, stew, rice, soup, meat, fish, steam, slow cook, cook veggies, you can bake – yes even cake, make yoghurts and jams. You can even fry and crisp up your meals, cook eggs and pizza!

This is a great looking multi cooker with a digital display that is easy to use with a sleek contemporary design in either black or chrome.

Tefal Multi Cooker

The Tefal Multi Cooker is a great choice for families. As well as being a more budget friendly option, it also has all the usual features and attributes you would expect from a multi cooker, coming with 25 preset functions to help you cook a variety of meals and dishes with just the press of a button.

This multi cooker calls itself an all in one cooker for a reason – there is very little you can’t cook in this multi cooker. From baby food to rice, stews and even full roast dinners this multi cooker can handle it all.

This is a product that has been well designed with the average family in mind including features such as a hinged lid so you can add ingredients without creating a mess.

If you aren’t convinced yet, take a look at all of the features that this multi cooker boasts.

Tefal Multi Cooker Features

Crockpot Express

Busy working parents have been using Crockpot slow cookers for years.

The well known brand has branched out to create a multi cooker that does so much more than slow cook. Perfect for those who trust this well known company.

This is a slightly smaller multi cooker than most with a 5.6 litre cooking pot instead of a 6 litre – but this shouldn’t make too much difference to a family meal.

It comes with a set of one press button options that covers most of the main functions that you will need including meat, stew, rice, poultry, soup and even yoghurt.

This multi cooker doesn’t contain quite as many cooking options as other multi cookers, but it can pressure cook, slow cook, steam and brown, which should cover most cooking styles you will need.

  • Quick and easy cooking. You can cook a whole chicken in around thirty minutes.
  • You can choose from four main methods of cooking including pressure and slow cooking, steaming and browning.
  • Comes with a manual function for you to set your own programs.
  • The non stick bowl is designed to be easy to clean.
  • Can cook meals up to 70% faster than with traditional cooking methods.
  • The lid will stay locked when the multi cooker is pressurised for safety.
  • Contains an auto keep warm feature and a timer.

The Clever Chef

The Clever Chef is another multi cooker made by Drew & Cole. This one is advertised as an intelligent digital multi cooker – but what does that mean and how is it different?

The intelligence with this multi cooker comes from the digital display and the intelligent programming which helps you to take the guesswork out of cooking. This is useful, especially if you are new to multi cookers.

The Clever Chef Comes in one model option, but in two different colour designs. You can choose between sleek black, or contemporary aluminium.

Both of these have the same 14 in one cooking options, and contain a variety of preprogrammed meals, recipes and cooking styles for you to choose from.

  • 14 cooking styles to choose from including slow cook, stew, steam, poach, bake, roast, cook rice and even make yoghurt.
  • This multi cooker comes with 17 preset recipe options perfectly programmed to make cooking as easy as possible for you.
  • It also includes a manual mode for you to set up your own cooking program.
  • Includes a steamer tray to make the perfect veggies and cook fish to perfection.
  • Contains a keep warm function and a timer for you to set when you want the meal to be cooked.

What Is A Multi Cooker?

Multi cookers are a relatively new innovation to the cooking gadget world and they have taken the world by storm and are increasing in popularity all the time.

These are cookers that use a mixture of technologies including; a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer and much more to make cooking your meals both easier and faster. The majority of multi cookers can bake, boil or steam and some can even fry.

You simply add your ingredients to the pot and choose your settings and let the multi cooker deal with the rest.

The Instant Pot was among the first to provide a multitude of cooking operations in one gadget, and since then many manufacturers have added their multi cooker designs to the market giving us a fantastic choice of brand, specification, design and methods to cook with all in one gadget that is easy to use.

Different multi cookers will offer you a slightly different set of features and cooking options so it is worth doing a little research to match the right multi cooker to your favourite recipes to ensure it can cope with your family favourites.

We have done some of the hard work for you in this article so keep reading to find out how to choose your multi cooker and for some top recommendations of the best multi cookers to choose from.

What To Look For In A Multi Cooker

When it comes to choosing your multi cooker you have quite a lot of choice so it should be easy to find the perfect multi cooker for your lifestyle and preferred cooking methods.

Many of the best selling multi cookers all have a similar specification so which one to choose can come down to minor details such as the size of the cooking pot, or whether or not it has a timer option so you can pre plan a meal.

Here are a few of the main options to be aware of and consider when choosing your multi cooker.

Cooking Features

This is often enough for most people to get started with, but there are some extra features that some multi cookers might offer that others don’t.

These can include options for air frying, making yoghurt, or crisping up meals. So, take a look at the extra features available for the multi cookers on your shortlist.

Another thing to watch out for is the pre-set programs built into the multi cooker. All multi cookers will come with a variety of preprogrammed settings that will be one press button options that you can choose from when setting up to cook a meal. This is possibly the area that multi-cookers most differ from each other.

When it comes to choosing a multi cooker, pick one that has the settings programmed that you are most likely to use most often.

There is little use to having 20 available programs when you actually only want to use ten of them – especially if this makes it difficult to navigate to the setting you want.

This is down to personal preference and for some the less is more approach works whereas others want as many options as possible.

Pre Sets

Many multi cookers come with a handy batch of settings already programmed in for you to use. These can be useful as you learn how to cook using your multi cooker.

It is worth checking out the presets available right out of the box.


A timer can prove invaluable when planning your meals ahead.

Style of Cooking

If you have a lot of stews and soups then a multi cooker that focuses on pressure and slow cooking might be the best option.

If having perfectly crisped food then you will want to look for an option with air fryer or crisping technology included.


The size of a multi cooker is a real deal breaker when it comes to choosing the perfect one. It can be tempting to automatically go for as large as possible – but this might not be the right choice if you don’t have a large family to cook for.

However, for most people the bigger the better will apply and you can always use the space to batch cook meals for the freezer.

Cooking Speed

A multi cooker can often cut down on cooking time considerably so this is one to look out for.


How easy are the cooking parts to clean? If you can throw them into the dishwasher this is perfect.


When it comes to accessories this is another area that you need to consider based on the type of cooking you like to do. Some multi cookers will come with extra spoons, brushes, wire frames, baskets and baking trays.

For most of us having plenty of options is useful – just make sure you know where you are going to store all of this extra kitchen gadgetry!

Why Buy A Multi Cooker?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one of the biggest blocks is time and energy. A busy work, family and social life can make it seem impossible to cook hearty homemade meals that fit around work, your kid’s activities, coffee with friends, going to the gym and all those meetings.

It is no wonder that we are always on the lookout for methods and gadgets that can make life a little easier. If only there was a way to be able to plan and cook healthy meals in a faster and more convenient way!

Luckily, the multi cooker can sit on your countertop and make life so much easier.

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Jeanne Nutt

Tuesday 9th of February 2021

About 40+years ago I had a brilliant multi cooker called miracle maid, they came from America and I am serious thinking about getting another one but they are second hand as they don't make them anymore.