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Best Raclette Grill For The Perfect Party

I was first introduced to a raclette grill when visiting my Dad one summer. Sitting out on his balcony, the family all cooking their own food, whilst we chatted away. Like a fondue, a raclette is an ideal way to cook when you want to make cooking a part of the occasion. It’s the ultimate social centre piece.

Of course, I knew I had to have one too, not only was it going to be great for dinner parties, but the food also tasted amazing on it!

Raclette Grill Reviews

1. VonShef 8 Person 3 in 1 Raclette Grill

The raclette grill from VonShef is about as fancy as it gets. This model has just about everything you need to host the ultimate raclette party. If it looks like it has got a lot of parts, it’s because it does!

Main Features

  • 8 individual raclette pans with 8 wooden spatulas
  • 3 interchangeable plates (stone grill plate, carbon steel frill plate and carbon steel mini crepe plate)
  • Variable temperature control, 1 metre power cord, non-slip feet
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

You can cook everything you need to on this model, starters, mains and desserts. The plates are all easy to swap around, depending on what you want to cook. Remember when you are considering cooking times that the stone plate will take the longest to heat up.

All the parts are easy to clean. The stone grill plate is very heavy so you might want to consider this when storing it (it probably wouldn’t be wise to store it in a high cupboard).

The only thing we don’t like about this model is the short cord length which is only 1 metre long. This may mean you need to connect it to an extension lead, depending on where your dining table is situated. Other than that, it wins our vote for the best raclette grill currently available. It works really well and comes with all the accessories you could need.

2. Gourmet Raclette Party Grill Set

A more basic raclette set is on offer from Tristar, and although it doesn’t have as many features and accessories as the above mentioned VonShef model, it is still perfectly adequate for enjoying a raclette style meal.

Main Features

  • 8 raclette pans
  • Non stick fajita and crepe pan
  • Variable temperature control
  • Anti-slip feet
  • 1200 watts
  • Dimensions – 49.1 x 13.2 x 32.2 cm
  • Weight 3kg

This model performs well, the non-stick cooking areas are easy to clean (not suitable for the dishwasher), and the grill is quick to heat up. The power cord that comes with it is of a similar length to the 1-metre cord supplied with the VonShef model, and so an extension lead might be required.

A good budget buy that is easy to store.


Common Raclette Questions

I must say when my Dad first suggested we eat on the raclette for dinner that evening, I had absolutely no idea what he meant. I kind of felt like I had heard the name before but I couldn’t tell you at the time what it was.

What Is A Raclette?

Raclette is actually a Swiss cheese that is melted, thought to date back as far a 1291 where cow herders would melt it next to a campfire and have it on some bread. Traditionally, in some parts of Switzerland and France, raclette cheese is still melted in front of an open fire and poured on top of either potatoes, bread, dried meat, or some other foods. A more modern day way of eating raclette is on a purpose built raclette grill, which is the kind I am talking about today. Raclette grills are a fantastic way of entertaining guests, everyone sits around cooking their food and socialising.

What Can You Put On A Raclette?

The great thing about cooking on a raclette grill is that you can provide a wide variety of ingredients and foods for your guests to cook, and they get to make what they fancy!

  • Cheese – of course you will need some cheese – if you want to be really authentic you can try and get hold of some raclette cheese. At the time of writing this post I managed to find some in Waitrose as well as seeing some available at Costco, if you are a member. Alternatively, Amazon sell raclette cheese as well as some other online stores. You can also use other variations of cheese, just use what you can easily get, or what you prefer.
  • Potatoes – we like to use new (baby) potatoes, cut in half. I boil them in a saucepan beforehand and then put them on one of the grill plates with the cheese on top.
  • Cooked meats – you can use whatever you prefer, anything goes! You can try chorizo, cooked ham, sausage, pepperoni…
  • Peppers, onions, garlic – chop up some sides to add to the grill plates that go underneath. Guests can choose which ones they add.
  • Fish/Meats – whilst you are busy melting your cheese down below, you can be cooking some other foods on the hot plate above. Thin steak strips, diced chicken or pork and salmon chunks all work really well.

What Potatoes Are Best For A Raclette?

New potatoes work best as they are small, but most potato varieties will be suitable. Just make sure you boil them beforehand, then you can either melt the cheese over the top of them under the raclette, or put them straight on your plate ready to pour the melted cheese on top.

Is A Raclette Grill Healthy?

That all depends on what you have on it and how much! Any kind of cheese should be eaten in moderation, but for the amount of times you are likely to indulge in a meal like this it’s probably not worth the worry. In terms of the other food, yes it is cooked in a healthy way. Most raclette grills recommend that you lightly grease the hot plate, but you really don’t need a lot of oil. Just a drizzle of olive oil will work just fine.

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