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Are Air Fryers Expensive To Run?

You’ve undoubtedly seen the hype surrounding the benefits of owning an air fryer.

Claims of perfect air fryer chips, quicker cooking times and healthier meals.

But, with the current energy costs on everyone’s minds, we have to ask; are air fryers expensive to run?

Let’s take a look at how air fryers work and the cost of running one.

are air fryers expensive to run with pound sign and air fryer graphic

How Air Fryers Work

Air fryers work by circulating hot air around food to cook it. Most air fryers have a heating element and a fan. 

The fan circulates the hot air around the food, cooking it evenly on all sides. 

Air fryers can be used to cook a variety of foods, including chicken, fish, French fries, and even cakes. 

The Cost of Running an Air Fryer

To calculate the cost of running an air fryer, you need to know how much electricity it uses. 

Most air fryers use about 1,500 watts of power. 

If you use your air fryer for 30 minutes daily, that’s 0.5 kWh of electricity per day. 

Depending on your electricity rate*, that would cost you about 0.26p per day, or £7.80 per month.

Air Fryer Energy Consumption Comparison Chart

With the arrival of larger and more powerful air fryers, it’s important to check the wattage that they are powered by so that you can accurately calculate the cost of running one.

Below are the most popular air fryers currently on the market with their wattage and estimated cost to air fry for a 20-minute air frying time.

Air Fryer ModelCapacity (L) WattageCost Per 20 Mins
Breville Halo Air Fryer5.5170029p
COSORI Air Fryer XXL5.5170029p
COSORI Air Fryer 9 in 14.7150026p
COSORI Air Fryer3.5150026p
COSORI Smart Air Fryer6.4170029p
Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-15.7170029p
Instant Vortex Plus Dual Basket7.6170029p
NINJA Foodi 11-in-1 SmartLid
Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone Air Fryer [AF400UK]
Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer [AF300UK]
Ninja AF150AMZ Air Fryer XL
Ninja Foodi Mini Oven [SP101UK] 8-in-1
Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker [OP500UK], 9-in-1
Ninja Foodi MAX Health Grill/Air Fryer [AG551UK]
Ninja Air Fryer Max [AF160UK]
Proscenic T225150026p
Salter EK2817 Compact 2L
Tefal ActiFry Genius XL 2in1
Tefal EasyFry 9-in-1
Tefal EasyFry Classic 2-in-1
Tower T17021 4.3L
Tower T17025 Vortx Compact
Tower Xpress Pro T17039 Vortx 5-in-1

Air Fryer vs Oven 

Air fryers can cook many recipes that are made in an oven. 

In fact, some people have completely replaced their ovens and now cook everything in an air fryer.

But is it cheaper to cook a meal in an air fryer rather than an oven?

Let’s look at the figures.

For simplicity, we’ll assume an average air fryer with a wattage of 1500 and a fan oven with an average wattage of 2500.

*The cost of electricity is based on the price cap for October 2022 to December 2022 of £0.52 per kWh (see Ofcom).

We’ll use homemade chips to make our comparison.

The Cost Of Cooking Chips In An Oven

Preheat Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 30 minutes

Total Cooking Time: 45 minutes

2.5 kW x 45/60 cooking time x 0.52p = £0.68p

The Cost Of Cooking Chips In An Air Fryer

Preheat Time: 3 minutes

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Total Cooking Time: 23 minutes

1.5 kW x 23/60 cooking time x 0.52p unit price = £0.30p

  • Chips in the oven: 68p
  • Chips in an air fryer: 30p

Points to note:

  • You can cook more chips in an oven vs an air fryer.
  • You can cook additional foods in an oven at the same time.
  • Wattages vary for air fryers and ovens.

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Final Thoughts On Air Fryer Energy Costs

Air fryers are not expensive to run when compared to most standard ovens. They cook in a fast time and don’t take long to heat up.

Air fryers especially come into their own when you are only cooking one dish or small amounts, saving the need to heat up a larger oven that uses more electricity.

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