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Air Fryer Recipes – What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer?

There are so many different ways you can use an air fryer. Yes, chips do taste AMAZING in an air fryer, but there are so many more things you can cook! I’ve rounded up some of my favourite air fryer recipes.

picture of 9 air fryer recipes from Liana's Kitchen

I’m not going to lie, my primary reason for getting an air fryer was to justify keeping chips on my regular meal rotation. Oh and fried chicken. I know, quite an expensive justification to keep on eating my favourite foods.

So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered that I could make so much more in my air fryer than chips and KFC fakeaway. I have made cakes, bread, pizza, frittatas – and even cooked whole roast joints! 

I have lots more air fryer recipes to add to this round up – I just need to get round to adding them to the blog 🙂 So, keep an eye on this page as I add more recipes. 

Do you have an air fryer? I’d love to hear what your favourite air fryer recipe is – let me know in the comments!

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Air Fryer Recipes

An air fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance. Did you know it can cook much more than chips?! (Although they do taste AMAZING in an air fryer). Check out this collection of air fryer recipes you can try today!

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Patsy Gingell

Sunday 11th of August 2019

Hi Liana, so glad I stumbled upon your page, I only thought my air fryer was for chips!!

I'm also from Bournemouth, well Christchurch, born and bred.

Will be trying a few of these recipes very soon now. I also have a soup maker which I absolutely think is one of my best buys. So your site is perfect for me.

Also I've been umming and aaing over a bread maker for a number of years now, never knowing whether to go for it or not. After seeing your page, I have invested in one and despite hubby being very sceptical whether it would 'work' or not, I have produced a lovely loaf, the first of many!

Thanks for your encouragement.


Liana Green

Tuesday 13th of August 2019

Hi Patsy,

Thanks for your message - I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying your kitchen gadgets as much as I am! It's also great to hear from someone from this part of the world too!

I hope you enjoy the recipes here, I would love to hear about any that you make!

Happy cooking :)