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17 Delicious Air Fryer Snacks That Everyone Will Love

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make snacks that everyone will love, look no further than an air fryer.

As you probably know from my other air fryer recipes, it’s an incredibly versatile appliance. You can make just about anything from chips and chicken wings to cookies and cake.

17 tasty air fryer snacks

Air Fryer Snacks

Here are some of our favourite air fryer snacks that will be a hit at your next gathering or as an afternoon snack.

How To Cook Snacks In An Air Fryer – Quick Tips

Air Fryer Capacity

The type of air fryer you have will determine how many snacks you can cook at a time.

I’ve found that using metal racks and trivets helps me air fry more foods at once. Some air fryers have accessories included, or you can buy an air fryer accessory pack.

Alternatively, you can use anything you already have; as long as it is oven safe, you can also use it in an air fryer.

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Cooking Air Fryer Snacks From Frozen

An air fryer is ideal for cooking frozen foods. If you are using frozen snacks bought from the supermarket, check the suggested time on the back of the packet and reduce the time by about 20% and the temperature by about 20°C.

Some air fryers are more efficient than others, so the first time you air fry the frozen food, check on it more frequently to ensure it isn’t burning.

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