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Air Fryer Accessories: Cook More In Your Air Fryer

When I first got my air fryer I really only thought about turning some of my favourite foods into healthier ones. Top of my air fryer recipes hit list were chips, chicken wings, chicken nuggets and fish fingers.

Imagine my surprise, and delight, to discover that I could cook way more! Not only can an air fryer cook healthier versions of fried foods, but it can also cook cakes, cookies, pizzas, eggs and much more.

On discovering this I started to experiment with converting recipes which more often than not required some sort of container to hold them in. For example, when making an air fryer cake I needed a suitable baking tin to hold it in. I managed for a while by just using what I already had, which is certainly possible. But if you don’t already have anything that will fit your air fryer, you might consider buying some air fryer accessories.

Air Fryer Accessories

Air Fryer Accessories Buying Guide

Accessories Pack vs Individual Items

You can either buy separate items, and this will largely depend on what types of recipes you intend to make, or you can buy an air fryer accessories pack which will enable you to create a more versatile range of foods.

Below I have listed some of my favourite accessories together. But before we get to that list are the air fryer accessories that come as a pack, these are usually more economical than buying them separately. Remember for many of these items you will be able to use them with many other kitchen appliances.

Air Fryer Accessories

Accessories You Can Buyair fryer cake

Cake Tin – perfect for baking foods, I have made bread and cakes in my air fryer using a cake tin. Carrot cake in an air fryer is particularly tasty!

Pizza Pan/Quiche Tin – shallower than a cake tin, this one can make frittatas, quiches, pizzas etc.

frittata in air fryer

Cooking Mat – this one has come in really handy. Although you can use any heat resistant board, I found this small silicone mat very useful for keeping by the air fryer so that I could quickly grab it when pulling out the air fryer drawer and then having somewhere to place it.

Metal Rack/Trivet – I use this one more in the smaller Phillips Air Fryer (HD9220). Owing to the smaller 800g capacity I use this to squeeze in more food. It is also useful for when you don’t want your foods to touch the base of the basket, for example I find that with kebabs, they cook much better when they are on this rack. Some of the metal racks even come with metal skewers that are the perfect size for cooking kebabs.

Silicone Glove(s) – After a few uses of your air fryer you will likely decide you need some flexible oven gloves! They are really useful for grabbing close fitting pans out of the air fryer basket without burning your hands. You can get them as mittens or with fingers. I prefer the finger version to provide more flexibility.

Gripper – you might already have one of these for baking trays you use in an oven. They essentially act as a removable handle for taking pans and tins from the air fryer.

Food Tongs – if you don’t already own a pair of food tongs these are an essential in my opinion. When you cook with an air fryer (and many other appliances) you often need to turn food over and move it about. Easy to use food tongs are your answer.

Oil Mister – you can use commercial oil sprays such as Frylight, or make your own mister by getting an oil sprayer and filling it with your preferred oil.

Basting Brush – if you don’t already own one a basting brush is useful for spreading a thin even layer of oil over food. I prefer to use silicone brushes as you don’t find random bits of hair in your food that have fallen off a brush type variety! They are also much easier to clean.

Toast Holder – ok so certainly not a necessity but if it comes as part of an air fryer accessory pack, why not? Useful for standing up slices of bread to make sure they evenly cook as well as enabling you to fit more slices in.

Cupcake/Egg Mould – I love these silicone moulds for making individual cakes. They can also be used for pouring beaten eggs into for some lovely air fryer egg bakes.

Round Parchment Paper – really useful for the convenience of minimising on clean up time as well as preventing foods from sticking to the base of the basket. The holes in the baking paper help the hot air to circulate as it is intended. You can choose from different sizes to suit your air fryer.


Unless you are buying a product that is made by the manufacturer of your air fryer, you will need to check it’s size. Many packs advise that they are universal, but I would always double check the measurements.


I find silicone a more versatile material with a lot of bakeware. It is not only flexible, I also find it more hard wearing and easier to clean than some metal varieties. Some ‘non-stick’ metals are anything but, they often usually end up peeling off after a few months use too.

Do use any air fryer accessories? What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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Vera B Saunders

Sunday 24th of October 2021

Very happy to find your website, as I received my set of accessories yesterday, and wished there had been some instructions with them. I have been getting to know my little Vitinni air fryer, and really could do with more instructions all around, in my opinion. I'm just trying soup today, and using the cake tin. I don't really want to buy yet another cookbook. And I couldn't work out what the silicone mat was for, so thankyou for your tip.

Marilyn Booker

Wednesday 1st of September 2021

Very tentative as I have only had my air fryer a week.trial and error at the moment but very impressed with my first effort of pork chops and roast potatoes tossed in olive oil and paprika. I have just bought some accessories.