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6 Soup Maker Tomato Soup Recipes You Should Try

I love making tomato soup in my soup maker.

From classic tomato soup recipes to those with a bit of a twist – adding a dash of curry powder or stirring in some Mascarpone cheese – there are so many variations to keep things interesting.

Check out six of my favourite soup maker tomato recipes below and then keep reading to pick up tomato soup tips further down.

Soup Maker Tomato Recipes

There are so many tasty soup maker tomato recipes that are easy to prepare, full of flavour and packed with goodness. Which is your favourite tomato soup to make in a soup maker?

Soup Maker Tomato Soup FAQs

How Do You Thicken Tomato Soup In A Soup Maker?

You can thicken tomato soup in a soup maker at the beginning by adding a chopped potato or some red lentils. If the soup has already been made, you can add any of the following:
– Cream (double or single)
– Yoghurt
– Crème Fraiche
– Cheese
– Cornflour (mix 1tsp with a little water or milk and stir into hot soup until thickened to your preference)
– Mashed potato granules
– Thickening granules (can be found in most supermarkets)

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Can You Leave The Skin On Tomatoes When Making Soup?

You can leave the skin on tomatoes when making tomato soup in a soup maker. Just wash, chop, and add them to the soup maker. The soup maker will blend the tomatoes and their skin into a smooth soup.

What Else Can You Use A Soup Maker For?

Depending on what type of soup maker you have, you might be able to make things other than soup. You might be able to make smoothies, sauces, dips, nut milk, and some even have jam settings.

Soup Maker Recipe Book: 100 Delicious & Nutritious Soup Recipes

100 soup maker recipes that can be used for any soup maker!

I used the Morphy Richards soup maker to develop these recipes but they can be used for the Ninja Soup Maker as well as other models.

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