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8 Sweet Potato Soup Maker Recipes

Sweet potatoes are a versatile ingredient that are perfect for soup. Whether you want to make them the star of the show, or combine them with other ingredients, sweet potatoes are ideal for soup makers.

Read on to discover some of my favourite sweet potato soup maker soup recipes.

Sweet Potato Soup Maker Recipes

Sweet potatoes are perfect for soup. This versatile root vegetable can be the star of the show or combined with other ingredients to create a tasty soup. Check out some of my favourite sweet potato soup maker recipes.

Tips For Making The Perfect Sweet Potato Soup In A Soup Maker

Picking The Right Sweet Potatoes

Choose fresh, firm sweet potatoes with smooth skin.

Preparing The Sweet Potatoes

There is no need to peel the sweet potatoes, just give them a good wash and chop them up fairly small for the soup maker. Try to cut them up to similar sizes so that they can all cook evenly.

Optionally Roast Them

sweet potato on a fork after baking

If you have the time or inclination, roasting sweet potatoes can add a delicious flavour to a soup. Wash and chop them, brush a little oil over them and season with your favourite herbs or spices. Roast in the oven for 30 minutes at 200°C, checking on them frequently to make sure they are not overcooking.

Or, if you have an air fryer, you can roast them in there instead!

Add Some Herbs and Spices

Enhance the flavours of your sweet potato soup by adding in some of your favourite herbs and spices. Good options include thyme, rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon, paprika, garlic, cayenne pepper and more.

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Make It Creamy

If you want to make the sweet potato creamy stir in some cream or coconut milk at the end.

Garnish The Soup

Finish your sweet potato soup with your favourite garnishes, such as chopped fresh herbs (parsley, coriander), a drizzle of olive oil, a dollop of sour cream or Greek yogurt, croutons, or roasted nuts.

Storing and Freezing Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potato soup can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days or in a freezer for up to 6 months. Wait for the soup to cool down before transferring to a suitable container.

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