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33 Wrap Recipe Ideas

Are you looking for some new wrap recipes to spice up your lunch routine?

We’ve got you covered with a variety of delicious and easy-to-follow wrap recipes, like our chicken tikka wrap or cajun chicken wrap.

Fish finger wraps are also a great option if you’re looking for something a little different. And don’t forget the cheese – we’ve got plenty of cheesy recipes to choose from.

Check out our favourite wrap recipes below!

wraps piled up on chopping board

Chicken Wrap

chicken wrap

Chicken wraps are perfect for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. Chicken wraps are simple to make and can be customised with your favourite toppings and flavours, some of which are included below.

Wraps are a great way to use up any leftover salad ingredients you have in the fridge – chop them up and add them into the wrap with your fillings!

Aside from the chicken itself, you can add extras such as garlic mayo, honey mustard, sweet chilli sauce and more.

Chicken Tikka Wrap

chicken tikka wrap

Chicken tikka is a firm favourite, often enjoyed with sauce like a chicken tikka masala, but it can also be enjoyed in a salad or wrap.

To make chicken tikka wraps, you can either use prepared chicken tikka available at most supermarkets or create your own by marinating fresh chicken in tikka paste (or powder) and natural yoghurt.

Cajun Chicken Wrap

If you’re looking for a spicy wrap recipe to spice up your lunch routine, look no further than Cajun chicken wraps.

Like chicken tikka wraps, you can buy prepared cajun chicken or make your own by marinating chicken in a cajun paste.

Add in some crispy lettuce leaves and fresh sweet peppers.

Chicken and Chorizo Wrap

If you’re looking for something with a little more zing than your average chicken wrap, try a tasty chicken and chorizo wrap.

Simply fry up some chicken pieces before adding chorizo chunks and cook until it is crispy and golden brown before adding to a tortilla wrap.

Spicy Chicken Wrap

Are you looking for some heat to add to your lunchtime meal? A spicy chicken wrap recipe will do just the trick! 

Topped with red chillies, jalapenos and spring onions, this spicy wrap recipe also includes mozzarella cheese.

Add lettuce leaves, red onion slices and sweet peppers to complete the dish.

Turkey Wraps With Cranberry Sauce

For an alternative to chicken wraps, try turkey wraps with cranberry sauce. This is the perfect way to use up leftover turkey from Christmas lunch.

Shred the turkey and lay it on the flat tortilla wrap; add some stuffing and cranberry sauce before wrapping it up.

Chicken Caesar Wrap

A classic chicken caesar wrap makes for a delicious and easy lunchtime meal.

To make it, you need to stir some shredded cooked chicken breast in some caesar dressing mix until they are fully coated.

Next, stir in some cooked crumbled bacon before adding these to a tortilla wrap along with crisp lettuce leaves.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap

Sweet chilli chicken wraps are a delicious alternative for your daily chicken wrap.

Place some cooked diced chicken in a tortilla wrap and top with chopped iceberg lettuce leaves, sliced cucumber, grated carrot and drizzle over some sweet chilli sauce.

Smoked Salmon Wrap

smoked salmon wrap

If you’re feeling fancy but want to keep it light and nutritious, consider making smoked salmon wraps.

Simply add smoked salmon slices into a tortilla wrap along with tomato slices and avocado chunks before wrapping it all up!

Tuna Melt Wraps

If you love tuna melts (who doesn’t?), why not make some tuna melt wraps? 

Simply add some canned tuna in spring water (drained) along with some cheese cubes before placing it in a tortilla wrap and baking until the cheese has melted.

Italian Meatball Wrap

Give your lunch routine a boost with this tasty Italian meatball salad wrap recipe!

Simply fry up some Italian style pork or beef meatballs along with some finely diced onion and garlic before adding these to a large flour tortilla wrap along with tomato chunks, grated mozzarella cheese and of course…some of that yummy meat sauce! 

Add some crisp lettuce leaves, radish slices and drizzle over balsamic vinegar for a tasty lunch recipe.

Fish Finger Wrap

fish finger wrap

Fish finger sandwiches are a popular lunchtime treat, but they also work well in a tortilla wrap.

Simply add some cooked fish fingers into a tortilla wrap along with crispy lettuce leaves, sliced sweet peppers and tartare sauce – or an alternative sauce of your choice.

Fish finger wraps are best served while they are still hot.

Falafel Wrap

falafel wrap

Are you looking for an easy vegetarian lunch recipe? Try falafel wraps!

To make your own falafels add some tinned chickpeas to a food processor with some finely chopped onion and garlic.

Once the mixture has formed into small patties, brown them in oil before adding to your tortilla wrap with lettuce leaves, tomato slices and cucumber chunks.

This works great served along with some hummus or yoghurt dip.

Cheese Wrap

There are two different styles of cheese wraps.

The first is made by combining different types of cheese grated in tortilla wraps with a fresh salad and either eating immediately or heating until melted.

The alternative type of cheese wrap is popular in keto diets. In this wrap, cheese is used to make the wrap itself.

The process involves egg yolks and grated cheese (halloumi is a good choice) blended into a batter before being fried until it firms up.

After cooling, the wrap is filled with your chosen ingredients before being rolled up as you would with a traditional flour tortilla wrap.

Chicken Shawarma Wrap

A chicken shawarma wrap is an excellent recipe for when you are looking to enjoy the flavours of the middle east.

To make chicken shawarma, you will first need to marinate the chicken in a shawarma paste for a few hours before roasting it in the oven or on a BBQ.

Slice the cooked chicken shawarma and add to the tortilla wrap with some hummus, chopped lettuce and tomatoes.

Chicken Pesto Wrap

If you are looking for an easy lunch recipe that can be made in under 10 minutes, then consider making a chicken pesto wrap.

Simply fry some finely diced cooked chicken breasts along with some finely sliced mushrooms before adding to tortilla wrap along with some avocado chunks and basil pesto sauce.

Mediterranean Vegetable Wrap

This healthy vegetarian recipe is excellent if you’re looking to enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean!

To make this simple dish, simply roast your choice of vegetables (mushrooms, courgette, peppers etc.) in the oven for 20 minutes before adding these to a tortilla wrap together with cucumber chunks.

Mexican Wrap

Mexican Wrap

Mexican wraps can be made with a variety of different ingredients and flavours. 

Popular Mexican recipes include tortilla wrap dishes such as burritos and fajitas.

One suggestion is to add some refried beans, Mexican rice and salsa before wrapping it all up.

To make this simple dish, you will first need to cook some pre-prepared Mexican style rice according to packet instructions.

Add this along with some refried beans (cooked beans such as pinto and then mashed) into the tortilla base before sprinkling over some grated cheese and some salsa. 

Fold up into a burrito shape, ready for eating.

Ham And Cheese Wrap

ham and cheese wrap

A ham and cheese wrap is another great recipe for when you are on the run. This can be made in around 5 minutes, so it is perfect if you’re looking for something filling but easy to make.

All you need to do is grill or toast a tortilla wrap before layering on some ham slices and grated cheese. Add some cucumber cubes for an extra fresh taste before folding up to serve.

Tuna And Mayo Wrap

This tasty lunchtime favourite is made by adding tuna chunks into a tortilla wrap along with mayo and shredded lettuce leaves or spinach leaves. 

This can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference.

Sweet Potato Wrap

Sweet potato is a great alternative to your standard tortilla wrap.

Quite a few supermarkets now stock sweet potato wraps, but you can have a go at making your own at home with some flour and cooked sweet potatoes.

Pulled Pork Wrap

Make a pulled pork wrap by saving some leftovers from a pulled pork meal. Simply warm the pork up and add to a tortilla wrap along with some coleslaw or shredded lettuce.

Sriracha Chicken Wrap

Enjoy the spicy taste of Asian cuisine by making this sriracha chicken wrap.

To make this simple dish, simply fry some finely minced cooked chicken breasts in a frying pan with some chopped spring onion before adding to your choice of tortilla wrap together with some cooked rice noodles and Sriracha sauce. 

This is best served warm however you can also leave it cold if you prefer.

Hummus Wrap

Hummus makes the perfect addition to your tortilla wrap.

Simply spread some hummus onto your choice of tortilla before adding in any ingredients you want, such as chicken, bacon, cooked chickpeas or cucumber, for a simple, fresh lunchtime recipe.


Avocado Wrap

Avocado is the perfect accompaniment to any wrap.

Cut an avocado in half before removing the stone and scooping out some of the flesh into a bowl. Add salt, pepper and lime juice before mashing everything with a fork. 

Spread this over your choice of tortilla wrap before adding toppings such as chicken or Quorn style chicken for an extra tasty addition.

Lemon And Herb Chicken Wrap

If you are looking for something light yet tasty, give this lemon and herb chicken recipe a go!

Simply fry some shredded cooked chicken in butter along with chopped spring onion, dried oregano leaves and grated lemon zest before adding this to your choice of tortilla wrap. 

You can also add other ingredients if desired, such as spinach.

Steak Wrap

Make a steak wrap by marinating some diced beef in olive oil, soy sauce and garlic before frying it in a pan.

You can also add extra vegetables, such as finely chopped peppers or mushrooms.

When the meat is fully cooked, add this to your tortilla wrap and shredded lettuce leaves and slices of cucumber for a tasty lunchtime meal that is also very filling.

Tofu Wrap

Tofu Wrap

If you are looking for a vegetarian alternative to meat-based wraps, why not try out a tofu wrap.

Tofu is easy to cook and can be added to tortillas with vegetables such as mushrooms, olives, cooked chickpeas or red onion.

You can also add your choice of salsa or hummus before folding it into a burrito shape ready for eating.

Vegetable And Goat’s Cheese Wrap

This tasty vegetable and goat’s cheese wrap makes the perfect healthy lunchtime meal.

All you need to do is spread some hummus onto your choice of tortilla before sprinkling over some crumbled goat’s cheese.

Add in some finely sliced cucumber chunks along with some chopped sun-dried tomatoes and mix them.

Salmon Wrap

Make a wrap with fresh salmon fillets by first cooking them in a frying pan or grilling them.

You can sprinkle salt and pepper over the top of the cooked salmon before adding to your tortilla wrap along with some sliced tomatoes, red onion slices, shredded lettuce leaves and some sweet chilli sauce.

BBQ Chicken Wrap

If you are looking for something sweet and spicy, make a BBQ chicken wrap.

Simply marinade your cooked chicken in some bbq sauce before adding to your choice of tortilla wrap along with some salad leaves, tomatoes and avocado slices.

Egg Mayo Wrap

If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe that only requires a few ingredients, try out this egg mayo wrap.

Make the egg mayonnaise by mashing some hard-boiled eggs and mixing with mayonnaise (and any seasonings). Spread on a tortilla wrap with some chopped watercress.

Chocolate Wrap

If you are looking for something sweet and indulgent, try out this chocolate wrap.

Melt some dark chocolate in the microwave before spreading it over your choice of tortilla wrap.

Add in other ingredients such as marshmallows, banana slices, chopped dried apricots or shredded coconut.

Make Your Own Tortilla Wraps

tortilla wrap

You can make a homemade tortilla wrap at home with some flour and water. 

Combine with a pinch of salt and a little oil before whisking the mixture into an elastic dough ball before leaving this for 20 minutes to rest.

Divide the dough into pieces and roll each piece out on a floured surface into large thin circles around 10 inches in diameter.

Once rolled out, you can then cook them by frying each side for around 1 minute.

If you see yourself making lots of your tortillas, you could consider buying a tortilla press to help with the process.

Wrapping Up…

Making wraps is a great alternative to sandwiches for a quick and easy lunchtime meal. 

Not only are they tasty, but you can also adapt the recipe to include your favourite fillings.
Why not experiment with different ingredients such as chicken, beef or salmon?

Or why not add in some vegetables or cheese? 

The possibilities are endless!

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